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The Men of Science Fiction photographic book was created as a tribute to the male actors of many film and television genres that I grew up admiring and being influenced by. Many of these stars and role-models of some of the most iconic TV shows and Movies of all time would become dear friends and inspire my pursuit and passion as a photographer. It became my desire to create something beautiful that could touch the fans in a similar way too. Something that could be enjoyed by both aficionados of the science fiction as well as photography.

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  • Edward James Olmos
  • Robin Lord Taylor
  • Joe Flanigan
  • Stephen Lobo
  • Eddie McClintock
  • Kristian Nairn
  • Robin Dunne
  • Ryan Robbins
  • Luke Mitchell
  • Callan McAuliffe
  • Jamie Bamber
  • James Callis
  • Mark Ghanime
  • Peter Shinkoda
  • Dan Feuerriegel
  • Roger Cross
  • Corin Nemec
  • Manu Bennett
  • Aaron Douglas
  • Christopher Heyerdahl
  • Colin Ferguson
  • Chandler Riggs
  • Niall Matter
  • Steven S. DeKnight
  • T.J. Scott
  • Danny Cannon

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